About the Artist

Looking at Ella’s paintings, capturing the European street scenes so vividly, one can hardly believe she is a child of the Free State, born and bred in Vrede. Having given up the hustle and bustle of city life in Gauteng, Ella now resides in the picturesque Southern Cape, where she enjoys the inpirational lifestyle that living near the sea offers.


Her inquisitiveness and passion for travelling have taken her on a number of visits to Europe, from where she draws her inspiration in everyday events-like a visit to the local bakery, flower shop or café. These are skillfully encapsulated through the artist’s eyes. Under some of her muses we find South African artist Isabel le Roux , french artist Veronique Ziminsky, and of course the infamous Frida Kahlo. Just follow the iconic red shades where the spirit and beauty of Europe come to life in her work - whether it is the city life or the countryside with its ever-present vibrant flowers.


The bicycles so often seen in her paintings symbolize each one of us on our journey through life, travelling, not necessarily towards a destination, but on a journey through life. Families are often portrayed in the bicycle scenes, suggesting we are not alone on our journeys, but share the ride with others.


The best way to describe many of Ella’s paintings are “A moment in time”  a joyful, carefree moment, enjoying the finer things in life.